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Dogwood Ramblings

Times have changed for sure, and our language with it.  There are words that were an absolute no-no when I was growing up and they have now become common everyday words and, admittedly, far too often used by me at one time or another.  Often, even now, it is a chore not to utter one when upset as some of them are so expressive.  Willie used many not so nice words when younger and he decided it was un-Christian so worked on it himself – his secret was to say, “Mercy!” when upset and this charm worked for him.  To change myself, I said a small prayer asking for forgiveness each and every time – and this did marvels for me.

One thing I hear daily, especially on TV, is “Oh, my G-d!”  Well, the Bible tells us that we are not to use the name of our Lord frivolously or inappropriately.  Over the years many started saying, “Oh, My Gosh!” or “My goodness!”  Those are better, but basically just a play on words.  Perhaps it is better to just say, “Oh my!” or as Willie did, say “Mercy!”  How many realize what they are really saying and that their words are an affront to our Lord?  According to the Bible there is no forgiveness for disparaging the Holy Spirit.

My yard became littered with small branches during the storm last Thursday.  Saturday, Samuel Shultz came and picked up all the downed branches and what a difference.  It has been just a week since my yard was mowed and looked like a park – and it is more than ready to be mowed again.  Rex stopped by for a visit and ended up replacing the overhead air filters for the house and then he cleaned out all the eave troughs (gutters to some).  Hard to believe how much mess they held and the drain pipes then emptied of water.  God bless those who help others!  Cutting and baling hay has been put on hold waiting for some drying out.

Arlene Boeddeker’s brother-in-law, Dennis Fishbeck of Hannibal, MO succumbed to cancer on June 5th.  Also, Richard Mitchell of Ava succumbed to cancer.  Please do pray for their souls and for comfort for their families.  Son, Ryan Boeddeker of San Antonio, TX. misjudged himself and the fence he was climbing over and now has a few bruises and some “owies”.  As Ryan said he isn’t a kid anymore and has to be more careful what he does (just like me).  The Fox Trotter show is over.  It seems it rained every day they were here so I am sure the place is rutted and muddy and the usual litter.

We can’t change the world but we can change ourselves.  Don’t let peer pressure and expectations drive you to live above your means.  Pray for all!

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