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Dogwood Ramblings

It seems we should not be complaining about rain, either lack of or too much.  We can do that in July and August!  The pastures are quite green if a little thin.  Yards are green and the weeds are doing well.  Of course, cutting and baling hay hasn’t been the easiest to do this spring (never is easy!!) but at least things are growing…including our lawns.  Countryside Lawn Service has been a blessing here as my yard looks like a park especially with Bob and Dana and Randy Dugan keeping their places so nice and trim.

At St. Leo’s we have two delightful young girls who received First Communion on Sunday.  We also have two couples of middle age studying to become Catholic.  We will have a wedding on June 14th so it has been a busy time.  Fr. Paul Wightman celebrated the 59th anniversary of his Ordination as a priest in the Oblates of Mary Immaculate Order on May 31st.  That day would have been the 62nd wedding anniversary for Willie and I however, God saw fit almost 24 years ago to take Willie to Himself.

School is now out so please do be careful for our children (and pets) out on the streets – and take care for all those new young drivers on the roads.  Let us hope we can have an entire summer without vandalism.

I haven’t heard anything about Bible Camp from any of the churches in this area.  Those who might share this information are probably working hard in their gardens.  Speaking of gardens, the lone tomato plant I got for Mother’s Day has a couple of blossoms.  I appreciate all the phone and Internet queries – my doctors don’t seem to be overly concerned but this Holter Monitor is annoying.

Someone contacted me about my Norwegian ancestry – a young woman of my Lillefloren heritage (my maiden name).  I sent her a great deal of information and am hoping to hear back from her shortly as I have that genealogy back to the late 1500’s.  Those of you who knew Duke Genet (died in 2002) I had his genealogy back to before the French invaded England in the 1100’s.  Duke’s 4th great grandfather, Edmund Charles Edouard Genet, was the French ambassador (Plenipotentiary Minister) to the U.S. during the French Revolution.  Edmund opted to stay in America as a return to France would mean the guillotine.  He personally met often with George Washington and other heroes of our American founding struggles.  Duke’s 5th great grandfather was George Clinton who was vice president to both Pres. Madison and Pres. Jefferson.  I gave all that data to the Genet family.

We’ve had some rather pleasant days, but the weather TV warns it is going to get hot.  Whatever the weather, do take care of yourselves, and your families, and your neighbors –  and pray for all.

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