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Caney Church

Wednesday evening our service was moved to the White River Youth Camp. Sunday school opened with singing praises to the Lord. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone and took prayer requests and praise reports. Sis. Lila Roberts led in prayer. Jack read Psalms 43 for our devotional. He is our God and refuge. Let’s praise Him. After a good Sunday school lesson Happy Birthday was sung to Elsie Combs. God bless her.

Praise and Worship began with testimonies from Elsie Combs, Vanessa Mills and Janice Lafferty. We moved onto congregational singing. Melissa Harmon did a special today. Pastor Bill Austin brought our morning message from Exodus 25:21-22 and Hebrews 10:19-20. God will meet with us and bless us when we try to follow Him. We can boldly go before God and He will bless us when we have the blood of Christ applied to our hearts. It was a good message.

Sunday evening service began with singing. Pastor Bill took charge of the service by taking prayer requests and praise reports. Bro. Etcyl Coulter led in prayer. He is a prayer answered. We praise the Lord that he was with us today. Testimonies were given by Melba Austin, Lila Roberts, Jim Lafferty and Hi Lambeth. Bro. Jack Esssary was our speaker Sunday evening. His scripture was Psalms 131:1-3 and 133:1. The Lord has put us where He wants. No one is more important than the other. If we do what the Lord wants, He will bless us. We need to be content in the things of God. We need to place our hope in Him. It was a message from the heart of God.

Come be with us at Caney, you are always welcome.

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