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Caney Church

Sunday school opened with singing praises to the Lord. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Prayer requests and praise reports were given. Sis. Janice Lafferty led in prayer. Jack read I Peter 1:13-21 for our devotion. Only the blood will get us to heaven.

After a great Sunday school lesson Happy Birthday was sung to Talon Thomas. God bless this little one. Maddie Shipley sang while offering was received.

Praise and Worship began with testimonies from Jeff Shipley, Jim Lafferty, Kelli Clemans and Melba Austin. We moved on to congregational singing. Singing special music were Jimmy and Charlee Lafferty and Melissa Harmon. Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning. His scripture was Luke 11:11-13. If our earthly father knows how to give good gifts, how much better will God know how to bless us? Teach your children about Christ that will make you a good father. Hope all you dads had a great day. Vanessa Mills always does a great job getting gifts for the different holidays. We are blessed to have her. All the guys got a goody bag.

Evening service began with congregational singing. Bro. Jim Lafferty opened service by taking prayer requests. Bro. Hi Lambeth led in prayer. Janice Lafferty gave a testimony. Pastor Bill spoke from Jude 14-25 this Sunday evening. He also used Proverbs 1:24-30. Are we trying to reach the lost? Hell is real. We need to warn and convince the lost before it is too late. Friends you must be born again to miss hell and make heaven. Let’s try to show and teach the lost how to know Jesus. Messages today for the hour we live in.

Last Wednesday some from Caney went once more to White River Youth Camp. There was a good spirit there and lots at the altar praying. God bless them and help us pray for them.

You are welcome at Caney.

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