Breedon News

It’s a beautiful humid morning and another day to come together in worship. I trust all you dads and grandpas had a good and blessed Father’s Day.

Sunday school opened with the reading of Psalms 70 with Bro. Danny Lee opening with prayer. The lesson was from I Peter, the first chapter. Peter greets them and brings  hope and encouragement while they suffer persecution. He writes to remind us Christians that we must walk the walk and talk the talk. We’re to keep our conversations holy and clean. We continue to look on in faith believing that Jesus is caring for us and will be returning to bring the church home with Him. We haven’t seen Him with these physical eyes, but one day we shall see Him in all His glory and holiness. We will forever be with Him. Praise God!

We entered unto our worship with good old-fashioned gospel singing. Keyboard instrumental was done by Susie Sisco and David Williams. Susie and her sister, June Durden sang and praise God our anchor in Jesus carries us through the storms of life and yes, it still holds for He is our only hope back to God our Father. Sydney Willis sang. She is so cute and full of enthusiasm as she sings. Also, Heidi, Bub and Haden Kirklin sang. They too bless me so much and I believe the rest of the congregation was blessed as well. We are so happy to have Michelle Lee teaching them and their little minds are absorbing the teachings of Jesus Christ just like a sponge.

Brother Cub’s (Joe) sermon was from St. John the first chapter verses one through thirty. This is a familiar story that John the Baptist comes preaching of the one who will take away the sins of the world Jesus was the Holy word becoming flesh. He was a man that felt pain and sorrow, yet He was God in that He was the only Son of God. The Pharisees sent messengers to inquire of who this man was. He confessed he was not the Christ. They then asked him if he was Elias or was he a prophet. John the Baptist answered no. This man could have become proud because of the great ones he was being compared to, but he answered humbly. In the 29th verse comes our eternal hope. The world is full of sin and darkness. Jesus is our hope and the light that came to lead us out of darkness. His own people would not receive Him. He gives the power to become the sons of God. Men love darkness better than light. When God enlightens you and you feel that tug at your heart to accept Jesus, please don’t turn away. Life is no bed of roses, no matter how rich you are. There is an emptiness that all men try to fill. Sometimes it is with alcohol or drugs or other vices that are worldly. Jesus is the only one that can fill that void. I trust and pray you will accept Him today.

We are glad to have our visitors today, as well as, our normal attendees. My sister and her husband, June and John Durden, came and it is always good to be with family members. My nephew and his wife, Laura and children, Isaac and Sydney, were here too. How I love them. They are so much like my own kids and nieces and nephews. Betsy Conrad and two of her grandchildren came today and Betsy, I’ve got to tell you, those were two of the most handsome and pretty kids I’ve ever seen. Please come back when you all can. Also, Debbie Snider, Kenny Wiles’s daughter was here today. She has completed her first round of chemo therapy. She will have to rebuild, then she will have surgery with chemo therapy and radiation following. Please continue to pray for her. I know God is able to give her healing from this cancer that has stricken her. Please remember Wilma Hampton in your prayers. She has some medical concerns that she will be seeing her physician for, hopefully this week.

There are some events that will take place this week. A “Tag That Preacher” Revival will be on the 26th, 27th and 28th at the New Hope Freewill Baptist Church. I can’t tell you the street number, but it is the second street past the new Casey’s on the north side of Ava. Remember the Fifth Sunday Singing will be Sunday night, June 29th at Goodhope General Baptist Church starting at 6:00 p.m. If you like good gospel singing, come and worship with us. Finger foods and fun fellowship will occur as well.

Well, it is time to put my pen down so I’ll say, may God bless and keep you. Hope to see you soon and remember, if you don’t have a home church, you’re always welcome at Breedon.