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Today is the Lord’s Day and He is greatly praised. Our Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 75. Opening prayer is given by Brother Danny Lee. Our lesson comes from James the 3rd chapter. This is a hard lesson, but one that deserves reviewing often. It speaks that even though the tongue is a small member, it can cause great calamity. It is so easy if we get offended to retaliate in vengence, but in verse 10 it tells us these things ought not to be. We can tame animals, guide great ships, but no man can tame the tongue. If we are even slightly strayed from God, this tongue can spit out deadly poison that defiles the whole body. I wonder how many folks have set themselves up as a stumbling block by the use of their tongue without God’s guidance in what we should do and say. It can happen to any one of us Christian friend, so it is needful to pray continiously that we do His will in everything we say and do.

Our worship began with good old fashioned gospel singing followed by specials by Ronnie and Sue Thomas, Cub Lafferty and Susie Sisco. An instrumental was given on keyboard and piano by David Williams and Susie Sisco.

The message came from James 5:7-20. James is instructing the Christians of what to do as we wait for His coming with patience. He refers to Job in verse 11, how he had patience as he endured many trials. We know our Lord is full of mercy and as Job endured and was given mercy so shall we as we go by the guidelines that is listed in this chapter. He lists to not have grudges against one another, swear not lest we fall in to temptations, to pray for the afflicted and if merry sing psalms. This chapter goes on to instruct if any be sick to call upon the elders to pray over him annointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. Christians, let us be ever ready to be available to those who are lost or sick to do as God has instructed.

Remember Richard Mitchell’s family as he has went on to be with the Lord. He is so much better off, but I know his loved ones are broken hearted. With love, I sympathize with you and will pray for God’s peace and comfort to surround you.

Remember our monthly singing this coming Friday night, June 13, 2014. Come ready to fellowship in song and eat some snacks later.

May God bless you all real good and let’s all remember each other, our country’s leaders and the lost that they may accept Jesus.

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