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Bethany Baptist Church News

Brian and Kimberly Wilhite and their three sons, Ben, age 8, Graham, age 6, and Silas, soon to be 4, were guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday morning. Brian has been called to preach and this was his first time to give his testimony outside of his own church standing before people that he did not know. He told about his early childhood and how he had been on his own by the age of 11.

Brian was headed to a wasted life and would have no doubt ended in prison, if he had not been saved at the age of 12. After he was saved, he was determined to “do right.” He mowed lawns and worked on a farm. He got back in school and stayed there until he graduated. He did not stop there, but went on to a barber school.

Now he runs and teaches a barber school. He has a lovely wife who graduated as an accountant and manages the business side of the school. He has worked for several years in a church in Arkansas and feels the call to do the Lord’s work.

Sally Sorensen sang a special song in the 11:00 a.m. service. This was her first vocal solo to be performed in front of the church. She has played the piano several times at church, but is shy about performing.

The fathers were honored with a small gift from the pastor. Pastor Bob brought a message in recognizing a good father.

In order for a man to become a good father he must start feeding on the milk of the Word of God. As he matures spiritually, never living on scraps and peelings, he develops the ability to dine on the meat of the Word. You can recognize him by the kind of fruit he bears at home and at work. You can recognize him by the company he keeps. You know him by his forsaking of sin and how well he controls his impulses and his tongue. He has the ability to forgive and does not seek revenge.  He fears God and not much else. He is not afraid of work, society’s demands, or of the truth. You recognize him by his family, where you find them, and what they say of him. You will recognize the good father when he has finished his course of life. He will not drop out or abandon his responsibilities until his race is run.

The “Young Women N Christ” Bible Study Group is still meeting on Monday afternoons this summer.  Darlene Sorensen picks the girls up after summer school. In addition to studying the Bible, they do crafts and other fun activities.

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