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Bethany Baptist Church

Brian and Kimberly Wilhite and their sons, Ben, Graham and Silas, will be guests at Bethany Baptist Church this weekend. Brian will be speaking at the Father/Son Breakfast, Saturday morning, in the Sunday school, and at the 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon service. Brian has a tremendous testimony that will encourage the hearts of Christians and give hope to those who need to be saved. There will be lunch in the fellowship hall at noon.

Tom and Rosa Balzamo and their sons, Timothy and Sean, were with us this last Sunday. Tom taught the Adult Sunday school class and Rosa taught the Teen Girls.  Their testimonies were interesting and inspiring. He comes from the urban areas of New Jersey just outside New York City. She comes from an Old Order Amish Family in Missouri. Their desire is to plant a church in New England, where so many have been “educated” away from a simple faith in the gospel.

Tom brought a message on the motivation for reaching out to lost souls.  II Kings 7 tells the story of how the Syrians had laid a long siege against Samaria. Inside the walls people were starving. Outside the walls the lepers were also starving. One evening they looked at each other and agreed that they would go over to the camp of the Syrians to beg. “Why sit we here until we die?” When they got to the edge of the camp, they saw that it had been abandoned. The Lord had made the Syrians to hear a great noise so great that the battle hardened Syrian soldiers fled leaving their food uneaten and their goods strung out on the ground.  The lepers ate until they were full and began carrying off much spoil until their conscience smote them. “We do not well…” Inside the walls people were starving and out here was plenty of food. They went to the gate and told the guards what they had seen and even though they doubted it, they went to see, and found all the food and spoil left behind.

When Christians realize that they have a marvelous treasure in salvation, it is their duty to tell the lost who will perish without it. “We do not well” if we do not share it.

Speaking of sharing, Adrain Owen has been bringing in some early garden produce, lettuce and spinach that he was been sharing with folks at church. He and his son, Jim, have got corn up knee high and altogether a great garden.  Whenever any one of us gets a surplus of garden produce we bring it in to share.

With all the rain, Dan Stillings has been kept busy just keeping the grass mowed at church. The lawn down front really looks nice. When it quits raining work will continue on the siding and trims at the church. There is a lot of work to keeping a building and lawn in good shape.

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