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Kaylynn Todd and Alaya, Debbie Cederlind and Wylie Vigessa came down to Bonnie Phipps’ Satruday and Cecilia came over and they all had a good visit.

Wylie will be here for two more weeks then he will go home.

Roy and Sue came over to Bonnie’s Friday and visited with her.

Last Monday I had .4 of an inch of rain in my gage and then by 10 that night I had another .4 of an inch of rain, last Tuesday morning I had .1 of an inch of rain, Thursday morning .2 of an inch and when the rain quit I had one inch. Sunday we had a couple of showers, but didn’t measure it.

Don Bryan stopped by and picked up some eggs last Monday and Lakota came by and helped me make some homemade bread.

Last Monday evening Tom and Mary Martha Williams and Hellen Blakey went to Mansfield to their O.E.S. Friendship night.

John Stephens came home last Tuesday. That evening I took my news in and then I went with Mike and Charlotte Bock to Doris Douglas’ visitation in Gainesville.

Wednesday Mike and Charlotte Bock went to Doris Douglas’ funeral and I took some food up to John and Jo Stephens.

Thursday I took eggs to the ladies in the courthouse and Donna Nichols and then Violet Blakey came by and picked up her eggs.

Friday I went to Ozark and had my bloodwork done and while there I went by my niece’s and gave her a quilt that I had quilted for her. When I got back to Ava I went to the drug store and got medicine, then I went by Jo’s and on home.

Saturday I drove to Preston to my school reunion and there was just me and Jesse Payne in our class there. I didn’t count the others. After it was over I went down to Camdenton to my sister and her husband’s, Mollie and Dale McPheeters, and took them a cake and a loaf of bread and helped them celebrate their 57th anniversary. Mollie fell about seven weeks ago and threw her right arm out of socket and then last week she found out she had a compound fracture in the middle of her back, so they cemented it Friday so she wasn’t able to go to the Preston Reunion. It was her classes 60 year. I stayed and had supper with them and washed up the dishes, which Dale appreciated because he has been doing them. I then came home. It was a long day.

Sunday I called my boys and wished them a Happy Father’s Day then I went to church and when I came back home I ate and relaxed the rest of the day.

Let’s keep all our sick folks in our prayers. We have some in hospitals going to be operated on and others at home trying to mend their body so they don’t have to be operated on. My prayers and sympathy goes out to all who have lost loved ones.

Keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.

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