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Tecumseh Lilly Ridge

What a growth of leaves on the trees the past week! We will have good shade when the sun gets hot. And they provide lots of oxygen for us to breathe, and we are blessed with good trees in our area.

The annual Mother’s Day and Memorial holidays are combined in the traditional observance at the Hart and Isabella cemeteries this past Sunday. Mearl and Beaulah Satterfield attended.

Karen K. Davis and I were in West Plains Wednesday for my eye doctor appointment. On Thursday I had a doctor appointment also and granddaughter, Lisa, went with us. We did some shopping both days.

My blackberries are now leafing out, but not fully in bloom yet.

The Masonic Lodge brothers honored mothers of Master Masons Saturday at Cookie’s Restaurant. I was disappointed to not attend since I came down with a bad summer cold, possibly from allergies of the trees that are blooming.

I enjoyed reading Mildred Watson’s articles about Ozark County Baptizings in years past. And other contributors who had pictures and information.

Also reading February’s issue of the Old Mill Run publication of Peggy Jo’s remberance about the bus coming through Gainesville and making its stop, which made more excitement then a jet plane flying low over our homes nowadays.

I rode the bus once in 1981 when I needed to get to my sister’s, Edith Adamsons home when my husband, Glen, stayed for three weeks having x-ray treatments following throat cancer surgery by Dr. James B. Wolfe, M.D. He had driven our car to Springfield before. If Bob Head hadn’t been a good mechanic the old bus couldn’t have lasted that long.  My brother-in-law, Lloyd Adamson, was waiting for me to arrive at the bus station. Those were the “good old days.”

And “pipe smoking” older woman usually sat behind wood cook stoves to “enjoy” their habit after breakfast as my grandmother, Sarah (Hanna) Ebrite did in my mother’s home as she lived with them after the death of my grandfather, Dr. George Warren Ebrite, M.D. in 1905. She continued to help with delivering babies and neighbors illness as she was called upon, and was able.

Another memory was the May Day pole in the courtyard and I was invited from Lilly Ridge school to join Gainesville girls as we skipped around the May pole holding onto the ribbons as Mae (Reynolds) Boone was my teacher and friend, who boarded in our home while teaching there. I also have memories of being in plays that were practiced and presented in both schools. A good friend of mine was Wilda Endicott in those activities.

Her Daddy was sheriff then, and I thought he was the best, as he caught thieves who stole my mother’s laying Rhode Island hens one night, and sheriff Walter Endicott ran them down when their car broke down near Caufield the next morning. The hens were returned to our henhouse unharmed.

Happy Birthday to Roger Satterfield this Sunday, May 11 now 51 years.

Jayden Miller has his 8th birthday this Monday, May 12th. Dorothy Davis, of Lawrence, Kansas had a May 15th birthday and their granddaughter, Chantelle Davis, has a birthday, May 18th. Dean and Dorothy have lived in Lawrence, Kansas many years.

A thought to remember is “The trouble with what melts in our mouth is the way it bulges in front of a mirror.”

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