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Memorial weekend is just ahead and decoration of loves ones graves is underway. Lilly Ridge has no certain time for decoration, and folks come as they are in the area sometimes meeting friends as they come and go.

Dan Moody celebrated another birthday May 16th. Roger Satterfield celebrated his May 11th birthday near Sparta.

Sympathy to families who lost loved ones recently. Among those are the Nadine Ebrite, Darius Manley and Wilma Plumlee families.

Friendly Neighbor Extension Club meets this Tuesday to tack a quilt and donate what they make to the ambulance and sheriff’s dept. for emergencies.

Ladies Bible Study meets at Lilly Ridge Church Thursday morning at 10 a.m. Senior Citizens work days are this Thursday and Friday.

Congratulations to graduates in 2014! Best wishes for their future. Mahlon Schmucker had the Sunday services at Brushy Knob Church the past two Sundays.

Larry and Christy Davis’ grandchildren, Destiny and Brady Massey are celebrating their 10th birthday.

Dave and Karen Davis keep busy with their activities which include their flea market booth in Hardy, Arkansas, getting ready to move in their new house, and keeping up with doctor appointments for themselves and for me.

Tuesday we were in West Plains for my eye doctor appointment with Ann Ream.

My great-granddaughter, Alexus, will have her 7th birthday on May 30th in Tillamook, Oregon and is in first grade there.

Chet and Dana Taylor were in West Plains Monday and stopped by to see me.

Vegetation is growing really fast amd mowing grass is a full time job it seems.

Sylvia Carson now lives near 4 of her 5 children in North Pekin, Illinois and enjoys being there, but writes that she misses her friends back here in Missouri. Also it has been cold there.

Summer colds have been hard to deal with and some are allergies.

More news next week.

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