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T.O.P.S. was called to order by Sharon at 3:45. There was a combined weight loss of 4.60 pounds with 15 weighing in. Linda P. was the highest loser. Our lesson was given by Eileen about the health benefits of nuts.

Some interesting facts she mentioned were that an 1 oz. serving of almonds have 35% of the daily requirement of vitamin E; that brazil nuts, like blueberries, are high in magnesium and selenium (which can lower blood cholesterol); cashews are good for iron and zinc; pistachios can decrease cholesterol and an 1 oz. serving of walnuts gives you 100% daily requirement of omega 3.

We discussed also the information booth we will have at Summer Fest on Saturday, May 24. We will provide materials on healthy eating habits, exercises, and sensible weight loss solutions.

T.O.P.S. was called to order by Sharon at 3:45 on April 22, 2014. Our combined weight loss was 14.5 pounds with 15 weighing in. Joyce was high loser. The lesson was given by Sharon using the Commonsensehealth.com website article on Losing Weight Fast and Safe.

The Basic Steps to safe weight loss are commitment, eating healthy, cutting calories, eating super quality food, and exercise. We learned that it takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound and that means cutting 500 calories a day. Additionally, we discussed small meals eaten throughout the day, a daily journal to keep track of eating; including enough fiber; include weight training with your exercise program; drink pure water, at least 8 C a day; be sure to get important nutrients; avoid sweets and extra salty foods; stop “feeding” your emotions; and keep your eyes on the prize! Using these common sense ideas really help in cutting 500 calories a day.

called to order by Sharon at 3:45 on April 15, 2014. There was a combined weight loss of 7 1/2 pounds with 15 weighing in. Sharon was the highest loser. We were recognized as 5th highest weight loss per member among 249 state-wide chapters.

Eileen discussed Easter treats and how to exercise them off—5 marshmallow chicks = 45 min. walk; 1 chocolate egg = 12 min. jumping rope; 15 jelly beans = 25 min. on a bike; 1 peanut butter egg = 15 min. swimming; and 1 chocolate Easter bunny = 27 min. jogging. (It sort of stunned everyone, not that we eat candy, of course.) Additionally, she suggested 30 min. weekly of both exercise and resistance exercise. Avoid refined carbs. Increase fruits and vegetables, especially colorful ones. Keep salt intake down to 1,500 mg or ½ t a day.

TOPS was called to order by Sharon at 3:45 on April 8, 2014. There was a combined weight loss of 21.75 pounds with 17 weighing in. This was quite an accomplishment! Ulla was the highest loser. We discussed the State Recognition Days (SRD) held in St. Louis, April 4th an 5th.

This year’s theme was “Slay the Obesity Dragon,” started with lectures on chapter support skills, individual motivation, and exercise ideas. Funny skits and fun songs kept us laughing, During recognitions, our chapter had 7 divisional winners, 3 graduates, and came in 5th  of 245 chapters in “most weight lost per member” in the state of Missouri.

Margaret L., Judy and Eileen graduated from T.O.P.S. to K.O.P.S. (Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly) because they achieved weight goal in 2013. Two other K.O.P.S., Margaret B. and Audrey were recognized as 2 year and 8 year K.O.P.S. respectively. The ceremonies ended in the beautiful Circle of Light. Next year, SRD will be in Springfield with the theme, “Peace, Love and T.O.P.S.” It will be a tribute to the decade of the 1960’s. Groovy!

T.O.P.S (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a non profit international weight loss support group open to anyone 7 years of age or older. T.O.P.S meets from 3pm to 4:30pm in the basement of the courthouse. Come and visit us to find out more about T.O.P.S. We welcome anyone looking to get and stay healthy.

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