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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Prayer requests:  Vic and Joy Mills, Helen Batten, Connor Gepken, Jess Porter, Jim Cox, Jim Kiolbasa, Kaye Garrison, Christine Harkey, Virginia Serghides, Sue Lathrom, Revekka, Fawnda Cain, Lois Flageolle and family, Price family, Pam Simpson, Sharon and Van’s grandchildren, unspoken, and praise for the rain and other good health reports from the church.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Vacation Bible school from June 9-13 6-8:30 p.m.  Friday, June 13, family night with program and meal.  Sandy Housley contact person. June 1st Sunday- HOMECOMING SUNDAY with Kirby Clark featured singer 11 a.m. Potluck meal and no evening service.  We appreciate all the men for fixing the ladies a “Mother’s Day Breakfast” last Sunday.  We appreciate all the trustees for all the work being done at the church.  Charlene Boardman- graduation from Norwood with a card shower.

The choir did a special.

  Recent birthdays:  Dorie Wright, Mike Tate, and Van Renfrow.

Today’s special by Sherry Dugger and Sharon Renfrow.  Children’s Church:  Chelsie Jones.

  Bro. Rick preached from Romans 8 and Genesis 34 today.  “Where your treasure is your heart is also”.  He talked about how wonderful it is to find a good wife, and people don’t have to pay a high price for a wife like some did in Bible times.  It is interesting to Bro. Rick to see where people spend their dollars.  It tells him what the person is interested in, his hobbies, and helps him know the person better.  We should love God; God should be #1; and we should see our investments and time go his way.  In Romans, Paul said it is worth it to serve the Lord; it is worth it to gain Heaven.  We can’t even imagine how wonderful Heaven will be.  There will be no pain, no tears, and no suffering.  Being in Heaven with the Son of God will be better than the best news we have ever received, or the best day in our life on this earth.  Loving God is like two best friends exchanging gifts.  We should know our friends and give them a gift they will like.  We should do the same with God.  What does he want from us?  God wants love, attention, respect, closeness, warmth, etc.  We are created in his image; so these are the things we want also. When we give God a gift, he gives one in return.  This is how you get happy in this life.  Bro. Rick talked about God giving him gifts that are priceless- like holding his baby son when he was born, and the joy he felt.  We all have these memories.  Bro. Everett Jenkins was our speaker for evening service.  He spoke on how we don’t want to get out of our comfort zones.  We should not make excuses- God will help us with our weaknesses.  He asked everyone to pray that they could reach out and find a soul who is lost and help them get saved.  Tammi Housley had the evening special: “These are the Days of Ezekiel”.

Visitors are always welcome at Rock Chapel.  Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten at 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.

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