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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

What a beautiful Sunday!  Many have been working in the yard and starting a garden.

Recent prayer requests:  Lois Flageolle, Tammi Housley’s family-Carol Green, Sharon Renfrow’s family, Christine (Marilyn Marah’s aunt), Tom White, Annette, Pat and Shelby Moore, Rick and Helen Batten, Larry and his wife in Oklahoma, Billie Ault, the Tyrell family, Darrell and Bernice Price, Sue Lathrom, Revekka, Fanda Cain, Kay Garrison, Jim Kiolbasa, Jim Cox, and many unspoken.

Birthdays:  Virginia Housley and Alberta McGownd.

Anniversaries:  Steve and Tabby Raney and Shelby and Virginia Housley.

Upcoming Events:  Charlene Boardman will be graduating from Norwood High School on May 10th.  Mother’s Day Breakfast on May 11th prepared by the men-10 a.m.  Visitors welcome.  Vacation Bible school June 9-13- contact Sandy Housley (all area children are invited; adults are invited to help.  The last night will be a lesson, program and snacks).

Special by Tammi Housley. Helen taught Children’s Church today.  Bro. Rick preached from Ezekiel 33 and Phillipians 3.  He started out by saying, “Go to church on Sunday.  It is a perfect way to kick off the week”.  In Ezekiel, “I say to the wicked, thou shall surely die…”.  If a person starts out living right, then he starts living in wickedness, that is how he will be judged.  If he starts out doing wickedness, then turns around, repents, and ends up doing right, the wickedness will be forgotten.  His sermon was on the subject that it is okay to start over.  It is okay to change your mind.  There are times you might want to change your mind:  (1) when the world around you changes (ex. Technology).  (2) when you have outgrown an idea or belief-you can put away childish things.  (3) when reality does not match up with your expectations (ex. A job you have had and it did not work out).  We are foolish if we are inflexible.  We can change for the better.  It is okay to start over, forget the things in the past, change and start a new life.  Don’t be like George Harvey.  He said he spent his 30’s fixing all his mistakes he made in his 20’s.

Questions:  Call Bro. Rick Batten- 417-683-5657 or 417-250-0918.  Mark your calendar and plan to join us at Rock Chapel at 10 a.m. next Sunday, May 11th for Mother’s Day breakfast.  Visitors are always welcome.

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