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A good morning to all our friends, neighbors and our readers. We hope everyone had a good weekend even with the storm. Lots of damage but no deaths. We thank the Lord for that. God has been so good to us, much more than we deserve.

Our hats are off to all who helped while the power was off for all that was done.

We send get-well wishes to all the sick, the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.

Our sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. May God bless you in your time of sorrow. Our thoughts are with you.

We send greetings to all who have a birthday at this time. May you have a great day with many more to come is our wish for you.

On Tuesday the 29th Connie Burris came and had our game day here at the village. We had seven residents that attended. Connie does a great job of keeping us on our toes. On Monday Lois Graham and Norma Jones attended the memorial service at the Bethany Baptist Church for Bobbye K. Priddy. On Monday the ladies of the village fixed soup, cornbread and cake to serve while the power was off in the apartments as we had power in the activity room and the most famous thing, the coffee. Our hats are off to them for all the work that was done. They also served breakfast on Tuesday morning.

Now to the adventures of Norma. I attended the wedding reception at Malinda Daniels for Derek and Christina Watkins on Saturday afternoon along with other family members, friends and neighbors. I “Norma” spent most of the day Sunday at church. On Monday Arlen (Bud) and Peggy stopped by to check on me after the storm. Also Derek and Christina came about noon to see if I was okay and needed anything. I thank God for my children and grandchildren and for their caring. Some times we forget to say thank you and I love you.

No news turned in this week so I will sign off. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Until next week, Jesus loves you.

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