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Greetings to everyone.  The Red Bank Church service opened with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  He then gave the morning welcome and dismissed everyone to their Sunday school class.

The Worship service music was also led by Gary.  Brother Lauren greeted members and welcomed our guest.  He announced that our special family time together with fun, food, and fellowship along with the ladies group meeting would take place that Sunday evening at 5:30.

Celebrating her fourth birthday was one of our young guests named Sarah.   The congregation enjoyed singing, “Happy Birthday,” to her.  Those mentioned for special prayer was Jerry Huff and Larry Clayton along with their immediate families.

Brother Lauren chose text from Genesis 12: 1-4 as basis for the morning sermon.  Abraham, now called, Abram, immediately, obeyed God when He was told to leave his father’s house, his kindred and his country unto a land that would be shown to him.   Even though God promised to bless him, make of him a great nation and through him bless all families of the earth, it could not have been an easy decision for Abram, at age 75, to believe God and follow God’s command blindly.  We know that God kept his promise to Abram and blessed his faithfulness.  God always knows what is best for his Children.  He had good reason for Abram to move his family away from the influence of an Idolatrous ridden country and raise them in the love and admonition of the God, who created the World and all that was within it.  God asked Abram to trust Him farther than he could see.   God asks of each of us to love Him more than the things that the World offers us.  He asks us to break down any barrier that we have allowed to stand between us and our total love and devotion to Him.  He asks us to trust him farther than we can see.  His great Blessings will be the result.

Visiting with Maxine Lirley was Jeanie Huff, and Gary and Alice Lirley.  She always gets a phone call each week from her daughter, Judy Smith, which she looks forward to.   Maxine loves to eat cornbread and milk sometimes for her evening meal so I sent some home with her that I had made for the Easter meal at church.  Gary and I also enjoy a meal of cornbread, milk and onion now and then.

Visiting with Gary and me and sharing in a Sunday meal with us was our pastor, Brother Lauren Page.  We thoroughly enjoyed his company for the afternoon.

I received a phone call from my daughter, Mitzi, this week.  She said that she was successfully recovering from her gall bladder surgery and was feeling much stronger.  She has a lot going on at her house with four children who are engaged in going to school, going to college and going to work along with trying to keep up with household duties, working full time and trying to help her husband keep on the go with his job as Assistant Pastor and full time Music Director of their Church.   Whew, that wears me out just thinking about it

That’s all the news for now.  Take care.  Give God your best effort.  Put him first place in your life.  There is no other place for Him to be in.

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