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5-19-14. Hello again: I better get this and other things ready to mail. We just got back from doing some shopping at a few stores then took our recycles down the road aways to the transfer station., then stop at the post office to ask them to hold my mail from next Friday until Tuesday then back home. We’re keeping pretty busy for us to be retired. But it’s good. We went to the Quad Cities last Tuesday for him to run all his errands and me to do a little shopping then on Thursday we went back up there for Candi’s college graduation. When we got there we went on over to Frank Dee Allison’s to finally see him. We hadn’t seen him for quite some time so it was good to see him. He looked good and said he felt good. He had been busy mowing his grass, trimming his hedges and putting out some garden plants. We had a really good visit with him as usual. He has to go for a consultation the 20th with the doctor who will do his surgery the 27th on his lung. We’re going back to Michigan for his brother’s high school graduation. So we will see Frank Dee then, again, and we’re going to have breakfast somewhere Saturday morning with Berta and Denny. Maybe we’ll get to see some more folks too while we’re there. Last Friday morning we met Bob and Mona Stephens and their friend, Dave, for breakfast. Then we came home and on Saturday morning we were supposed to meet Randy and Laura Allison for breakfast at granddaughter, Lisa’s Restaurant in Muscatine and also Berta and Denny. Randy and Laura were coming from Minnesota and going to Arkansas and stopped along the way to see all of us. Then daughter, Anita, and hubby, Carl, were having a cookout for Lisa’s fiancee Joe. We found out that Randy would be late so we went to the cookout and just ate a few bites and they called and said they were in Muscatine. So we hurried and packed up and headed for Lisa’s place, where we had a wonderful visit with Randy, Laura, Berta and Denny. We hadn’t seen Randy and Laura for a long time so it was good to see them. At Anita’s we saw everybody besides Lisa, Joe and Jacob.

So on Friday the 23rd we will do it all over again and I hope we get to see even more people.

As usual I better get this in the mail before it runs.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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