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5-12-14. Can you believe it? The month is almost half over. As usual, I’m feeling sorry for the people who have been hit by tornadoes, floods and other disasters. So far we’ve been lucky here in our little part of the globe. We’ve been having a lot of watches and warnings, but haven’t had to get in the bathtub anymore. One time we had a watch or warning out and I was discussing it with Anita via text and she said, “You better get the bathtub polished up.” I told her we better start practicing getting in it. Ha. We had a nice Mother’s Day yesterday. My family had to work, but we met Walt’s daughter, Berta and fiancee, Denny, down at Lisa’s Family Restaurant in Muscatine. I told Berta it didn’t seem possible that it had been a year since we met there for Mother’s Day last year and she agreed with me. They were super busy again, but we had a nice visit, with me doing most of the “visiting” as usual. (I’ve got to quit that.)

I got a message on the way down there from Walt’s son, Randy, who lives in Minnesota and is a truck driver. He said that next Saturday he and his wife will be at Lisa’s for breakfast and wanted us to meet them there. They will be on their way to Little Rock to look at some property and may move down there. So we’re looking forward to seeing them. We don’t get to see them near enough. Then after that we will go to Anita’s for a cookout to honor Lisa’s fiancee, Joe’s birthday.

We have a busy month. I guess that’s what keeps us so young. Ha, ha.

We’ve just got to work on those knees and getting into the bathtub. We’ve got bad weather all around us this morning.

For you who knew him, Candi’s Uncle Ron passed away last week. He’s the one who rode to Ozark, Missouri a few years ago for Candi’s sister, Cati’s funeral. He sure was a good man. Candi was really close with him and his wife, Vicky. He will really be missed by all of us who knew him.

Walt’s granddaughter, Mel, is living in Plano, TX. now. It’s near Dallas.

We’ll be going to the Q.C.A. tomorrow early for Walt’s monthly errands. Then Thursday Candi is supposed to graduate from college at 7:00 p.m. We want to go to that if the weahter’s not too bad. You’ve got to admire her. She’s been going to school amost all her life. I guess since she was five years old. I guess she’s 31 now (I think.)

John Deere has been sending her to college since she started working for them several years ago. Then of course, we’ve got the breakfast Saturday morning and the cookout Saturday and I’m waiting to hear from the clinic in Davenport to set up an appointment for another colonoscopy. Then the 23rd we will spend the weekend at Jarred and Candi’s while they go to Michigan for his brother’s high school graduation. One of those times when we’re up there we really want to see Frank Dee Allison. He’s supposed to have surgery around the 20th. I know everyone else is busy too just like us.

Well, ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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