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4-21-14. Dear folks: I hope all of you had a blessed Easter. What a wonderful time of the year. Along with Jesus’ resurrection, the flowers, grasses, leaves on trees and flowers on trees. And all the pretty birds coming back from their winter homes. We’ve still got a lot of Robins decorating the lawns around here at the apartments and Walt’s been seeing what he thinks are goldfinches flying back and forth to the row of pine trees out here by the parking lot. We had beautiful weather yesterday for the beautiful reason the day was for Walt’s granddaughter, Candi and her husband, Jarred, came down from East Moline to meet us in Muscatine at Lisa’s Restaurant. It’s the first time they’d met any of my family. There were Jared Bassett (my grandson) his wife, Carrie, and their daughter, Zoie, my daughter, Anita, her husband, Carl, Walt’s granddaughter, Candi and her husband, Jarred, Walt and yours truly. I told the two Jareds I had been waiting a long time to introduce them so I got to say, “Jared, this is Jarred and Jarred this is Jared.” Ha. Lisa was working, but she waited on her big table so we got to visit with her off and on. She had ordered some fresh flowers online and had some sent to me, Anita and Carrie and probably her fiancee’s mother too. I was really surprised when I got them. They’re really pretty. Of course I guess all flowers are. (even the purple thistle flowers.) These have got different shades of purples and white ones and arranged in a basket. How thoughtful of her. She had a boiled egg on each table colored and in a little dish and a cross on the  egg. I hope it didn’t sound like I meant Lisa sent me thistle flowers. I talk about too many things at once. Of course she didn’t, but it was a most beautiful day yesterday. Couldn’t have been better and all of us enjoyed our meal together and visiting. Well I’m sorry to have to say this, but Frank Dee Allison has some health issues and he needs lots of prayers again. So Russell Heatherly, you be sure and pray for your cousin again. He has to have surgery this time. I know we’re praying our hardest that he can climb this hurdle the way he did the last one. To be such healthy person for so long he sure is getting blind sided now.

We heard from Walt’s son yesterday who is a truck driver. He lives in Minnesota and was on his way to Springfield, Missouri to unload something. He said he would take a vacation in May or June and hopes to get by here and see us. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him and Laura. Way too long.

Well a late Happy Easter to everyone and I hope your day was as joyful as mine.

So ya’ll take care of yourselves, and bye, bye for now.

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