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I hope everyone had a very nice Mother’s Day.  It was a beautiful day with a wonderful morning in church and a delicious lunch for us.  This was my Mom’s first Mother’s Day without my Dad.  So many new “firsts” we are facing this year, however the day went well and we had a very blessed time.

This whole week has been great.  We finally got the garden area tilled.  We found an ad in a store window in Seymour and called about having it done.  He came out the next day and did a beautiful job for a terrific price.  Gardening in the Ozarks is not for the faint of heart.  The ground is quite a bit more rocky than I’d like, and bless his heart, his machinery took quite a beating.  He broke a pin and had to run home to get his tools to cut it out and replace it.  Finally, our garden is tilled.  In great anticipation, I loaded up on vegetable plants and Marigolds.  Then it poured before I could get them in the ground.  Now the area is a soupy mess, but nothing that a bit of time won’t take care of.

We got several tomato varieties, mostly heirlooms because we love their taste the best.  The list includes Mortgage Lifters, Mr. Stripeys, Candystripes, Pink Girls, Amish Paste, Sunsugars, and Persimmon (a golden beefsteak heirloom).  We also picked up some King Arthur and Fat n Sassy sweet bell peppers.  There will be room for corn, onions, cucumbers and beans too.  The good Lord tells us that if we sow sparingly, we shall reap sparingly, so believe me when I say that around here, we do not sow sparingly in any way.  Oh, I almost forgot that I was able to find a great Comfrey plant too!  I am very excited about that since ours died out last year.  The one thing I have not been able to find is a Butterfly Bush.  If anyone knows where to find one, please email me at  I would really appreciate it!

It is probably a good thing that we haven’t been able to plant anything yet.  After having the area tilled, my husband finished fencing the area off to keep the cows out of it.  Augustine, our very curious and determined cow, decided to get in there anyway and tore down two wires in the process.  She doesn’t like being told not to do something and is always the first to challenge it.  It showed us the weak spot before having planted everything.  Last year, I didn’t think she would eat the pepper plants, but she did….every last one of them including the hot ones…with hot peppers on them.  Silly cow.

So this week, the fence will be repaired and we will be able to plant everything hopefully, including the trees in the orchard area.  We have two more apple trees and a Red Haven peach tree to plant in memory of my father.

Speaking of orchards, I was greatly saddened to see all of the beautiful and bountiful apple trees cut down there by Uncle Roosters on Highway 60.  What a tragedy.  So many years of hard work cut down.  I suppose someone wants to sell the property as commercial property.  My daughter and I have gathered many bushels of apples from those trees.  We have enjoyed those apples for a very long time and are very sad to not be able to enjoy beautiful September days picking apples in that beautiful orchard again.

In the duck news, the ducks have been finally moved out into the main chicken yard where they have their own large pool which they jump in every morning.  We would love to turn them loose on the pond, but there is a local resident hawk that patrols that area every day so the ducks will have to be satisfied with their pool.  In researching this Khaki-Campbell ducks, we discovered that they can lay over three hundred eggs a year.  We truly enjoy duck eggs, but we have four duck hens.  I’m not sure we can use that many eggs, so if anyone else would like some when they start laying, please don’t hesitate to let us know!  They are wonderful to eat and use in cooking and I understand that they are much more nutrient rich than chicken eggs.  Don’t quote me on that, do your own research, but I am anxious for them to start laying so we can enjoy them!

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