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I have to begin with the fact that it was not very pleasant to leave southern Texas on a ninety-six degree day and drive into Missouri the next day with a temperature of only 46 degrees.  We were ready to get home, but my goodness that was a hard transition!

Did we have a good time?  Yes.  Did we learn some valuable lessons?  Yes.  Will we do it again next year?  If the good Lord wills it, we sure would like to!  The great news is that your local Olga girl, Savannah Shannon, took 5th place in the Junior Division at the Texas State Fiddle Championship.  It is a big deal in the world of fiddle music.  This was her first year down there to compete and there was some extremely difficult competition.  She was the first one from outside of Texas to place this year.  The top four competitors all lived in Texas and had competed in the contest for several years.  She played her heart out even though she was extremely nervous and her hard work paid off.

Trustin Baker (14), from Birch Tree, Missouri, placed 4th in the adult “Gone to Texas” division. Tanner and Preston Marriott of Marriott Music in Ava also competed and Tanner placed 8th in the Junior Division!

There isn’t much new going on here at the homestead beside more chicks hatching and in other poultry news, the ducks have outgrown the tub.

Have a blessed week!

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