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Oak Grove Church News

We were missing at least half of our congregation this Memorial weekend, with folks traveling and some who have gone for extended stays out of state, but after Sunday school, folks started to come in for worship service and we were blessed with nearly as many as are in our usual Sunday morning service.

Some of our guests were my dearest friends, and it was truly a wonderful surprise to have them come for morning worship service. We hope all our guests this week will continue to come and join us in worship to the Lord. All are more than welcome and it really did my heart good to see you all this last Sunday.

The morning message was, “A Remembered King and A Forgotten King.” The message was ultimately about the King of Kings, but by way of illustration we spoke of Saul, the first King of Israel; The Remembered King, and His son Ishbosheth, who was placed on the throne of Israel by Abner, the leader of Saul’s army, after Saul’s death. Ishbosheth, The Forgotten King.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t remember Ishbosheth, if you did, he would not have been a good choice to illustrate “The Forgotten King,” would he?

A very good friend just gave me the script for a Skit/Play, which I am going to try to have our teen group, Team Christ’s Teens, to perform some Sunday morning soon. Keep your eyes on the Douglas County Herald for further updates, for the date and time.

Or you could just come and join us some Sunday morning and pick up a bulletin which will be the first place it will be announced. We still have a seat available for you and a guest, no reservations required, but you might give some thought as to whether or not you have one (if you know what I mean.) If you don’t know what I mean, you really should come as soon as possible.

The planned message for next Sunday is “Dedication” we will see.

God bless and keep you, come and join us in worship any Sunday.

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