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Did you have a glorious Sunday? If you didn’t you sure missed a good chance! The Lord blessed us with a gorgeous sunny day and we had a great Sunday school lesson, “Jesus’ Teaching On The Law.” Brother Eddie did a great job. He always does.

Then between choir and worship service we had three specials: Ella Fay Mitchell, Gary Martin and Chris Haskins all sang and then they let me preach.

We had a comparison message, “The Kinsman Redeemer” story from the book of Ruth and the illustration that lends of the mission and message of Christ, The Kinsman Redeemer, for all who trust and believe in Him.

Then we went down to the fellowship hall and put on the feed bag. I must say I am glad that, “The Sacred Heart Diet” allows me one day a week to eat whatever I want, yes I know, in moderation. But if they made me just sit and watch everyone else eat all that good stuff (might as well just shoot me).

You missed a great time, if you were not in God’s House last Sunday, but you can come next Sunday and join us in worship. We are not going to have a fellowship dinner next Sunday, but we will have fellowship, so come on down for a large helping and some of God’s Love for dessert. Who knows, you might find you like it. And we still have eating available, you can even bring a friend. God bless.

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