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What a beautiful Mother’s Day, the sunshine, warm weather wonderful worship service in praise to the Lord. I hope your Mother’s Day was as pleasant as my own, with a time together with your mother and a great day in the Lord, doesn’t get much better than that.

Brother Eddie taught our Sunday school lesson about Christ fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah, when he stood up and read from that passage in the Old Testament and said, “This word is fulfilled in your presence this day.” What a shock that must have been to those in his hometown of Nazareth, to here that from, the carpenter’s son.

Then our morning worship service message was based on the story in Ist Samuel, chapter 25 where we learn about the foolish Nabal and his beautiful wife, Abigail, who is a good example for daughters, wives and mothers today. How she turned a very bad situation into a blessing for her house, the king and ultimately her nation.

Also how through her quick wit and decisive action, slaughter of her husbands servants was avoided, the king was saved from future embarrassment, God then took care of the problem and she became the wife of the king, instead of the wife of a selfish, ignorant and rude brute of a man, She advanced from the home of a drunkard to the palace of the king.

Not a bad days work for a country girl. Come and join us next week in worship to the king, maybe we’ll see what a country boy can do, if he keeps his head and serves the Lord. Hey, the sky’s the limit, and yes, I’ll save you a seat. God bless.

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