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The special song Sunday morning was sung by Mrs. Cheryl Paxton. The congregation read Revelation 21:1-5 in unison before Pastor Bob Thompson, Jr’s message “No Tears.” God will wipe away all tears. He will also remove the causes of those tears: separation (death), sorrow, screaming (crying), and suffering (pain). We then closed in song.

Brother Norman Murray played a solo on the baritone for the special music Sunday night and Pastor Bob preached on “The Baptism of Jesus” from Matthew 3. Baptism testifies to an alteration of living, an agreement before men, an adherance to the commandments and an approval of God.

The monthly missionary meeting led by Mrs. Cheryl Paxton was held Wednesday evening, May 21st. She shared reports from Spanish Ministerial Resources (Bolivia, Mexico, Cuba and Spain), Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Honduras, Peru, American Indians, and a street ministry in Denver, Colorado. Mrs. Dana Fourman introduced the Baby Bottle Bomerang fundraiser for Options Pregnancy Center of Ava.

Mrs. Cinda Thompson is in charge of Junior Church which is held during the preaching on Sunday mornings.

A few weeks ago, Country Sunshine Preschool and Kindergarten went on a field trip to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield. Adam Freeman drove the school van. Other adults who helped Mrs. Paxton were Dana Fourman and Sheena Mahan. Students who participated were Kylie Adams, McKenzie Burnett, Bella Fleetwood, Colin Fleming, Connor Forrest, Casten Elwood, Jayce Elwood, Jackson Henry, Brady Roy and Chloe Scofield.

“By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice…and by it he being dead yet speaketh,” Hebrew 11:4. What will my life say after I die?

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