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Mt. Tabor Church

Brother Martin started services as we stood to sing Amazing Grace, then asking for prayer requests. So many continue to need our prayers, those who are ill, the bereaved, the lost, our church and community.

Brother Ric read from John 15, using the word “abide”, as his focus. We must stay in the word, and abide in Jesus.

Visitors of Tom and Jewell Elliott this week were Shaun and LeAnna Elliott and children, and James Elliott.

Pat Lansdown continues on her road to recovery, very slowly, but going forward. She goes often to have blood tests done, and afterward, she and Ronnie went by to visit Myrl Cox.

Doug Lansdown and family visited Pat and Ronnie, and later stopped by to visit grandma Myrl. Jaden Lansdown is spending a few days with the Lansdown grandparents. Pat appreciates all the phone calls she has had inquiring about her health.

Myrl’s visitors also include Jeanne Cox and Paul Cox. Myrl appreciates them doing errands for her.

Jan Jones and Ronda Soto attended church with their dad, Martin Hathcock, Sunday. We are always glad to have visitors.

Kay Hutchison attended the Piland Youth Camp board meeting Saturday. Camps will be in July this year, a little later than usual.

Kay also attended the graduation ceremony at Dora School, Sunday afternoon, where Harlin was the speaker.

Dan, Kim and Morgan Clements visited Harold and Kay, Friday evening. Dylan and Morgan attended graduation, Friday night.

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