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Little Creek

Very thankful for another beautiful day in the Ozarks, and for the rain we received.

Aaron and Ruth were here yesterday (Memorial Day) and Kevin joined us for awhile before heading out on the truck. We had supper together.

Hester Tidwell and I talked at the beginning of last week. We like to catch up on one another’s comings and goings. Hester still drives so she has more goings than I. Hester tells me about her flowers and describes them to me. They sound as beautiful as Sue Erter’s blooms which I enjoy seeing on Facebook.

Hester also has a vegetable garden and we got around to talking of gardens of old and how much we would enjoy working in a big old garden as we did when younger. And we never stop talking until we discuss recipes and what we have cooked lately.

My sister, Jean, called and she had been working in the garden and flower beds. By now she is probably working in her sewing room where she always has a quilt in the frames. She is always busy in addition to her work she does extra work for our quilting club. She sets quilts together, sews on bindings and helps me hem when I get behind.

She and Jim and daughter, Jamie, attended the birthday party for Nettie Hicks in Ava last Friday night. Jean had a good visit with our by marriage, Norene Degase. Jim spent the evening reminiscing with Donnie Sell, who is a long time friend. Jim had warned the girls that they weren’t going to stay very long, but they nearly never got him to leave, what with the talking and the good listening to the music by the Robertson family and Audrey Pierson.

I send greetings to Donnie Sell who reads my items for news of Little Creek, so Jim tells me. Jim wondered if I remembered Donnie and I told him I remembered a good looking, quiet boy who was always very nice. Donnie and Paul Sell rode old number 10 school bus that my Dad drove when we went to Ava High. I haven’t seen Donnie since 1948, a very long time ago.

It is pleasant to recall people we knew way back when and to think of youthful days and Jim told me he enjoyed several hours talking with a good friend who grew up in these hills and to remember together the best of times. And we were talking in church Sunday about our play things and never being bored and never being inside much. Jim gave us a lesson on beanie flips and sling shots and the difference. He says he has driven a “paddle and wheel” thousand of miles probably.

Back to more of Jean’s news. Their visitors the past week were Kasey Taber, Debra Delp, and Tom Burton and his grandson.

We had good church service with Brother Burrel Conrad bringing a good message from Revelations and James and other scriptures. It was good to be in church with Burrel who has been ministering in other churches. We had a good lesson and discussion taught by our good teacher, Danny Dry.

I talked with sister Jo who has been helping Randall do some work on the farm. She is having company this week with relatives and I will write more next week.

I must close and get this in the box.

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