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Little Creek

Things are growing abundantly after the warmer weather and good rain. Especially the lawns. We always give thanks to our God who gives us all good things.

All my kids except Burr (Aaron) and Ruth were here Saturday to honor me for Mother’s Day. Kasey barbequed the food with side dishes brought in for a bountiful dinner and a day full of nothing, but “good.”

Kim brought me a beautiful kitchen table. My little old one was rikkety and worn out. It is a beautiful table with two leaves which makes a very large table when used. I am so thankful.

Kent and Ruth came for dinner after church Sunday. They stayed and then visited Greg and Karen before church night services.

Vickie Prock brought the good message Sunday and then they all, Vickie, Clinton, Kelly Jo and Jo went to the fish fry benefitting the fire department at Thornfield. Kevin, Jim and Jean, Danny and Jamie also went.

My niece, Robyn, is here this morning cleaning house and doing laundry.

She and Norval and her Mom, Jean went to Kymmie Tetrick’s graduation Saturday. Robyn says they are all very proud of Kym. She stayed in school in spite of having a hard time doing so. She is a determined girl intending to further her education and have a good life.

Robyn treated her mother to dinner honoring her for Mother’s Day.

We were all very happy to have my sister, Jo, join us Saturday. She had been taken to the ER previously, but it feeling better. She gave us all a scare. She has vertigo which caused her to be very sick, but not a stroke or worse. We give God the praise.

I have no further news and I seem to be worn out today. So stay grounded in the Bible, make someone happier and take care in all things until next time.

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