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The Lord’s Day yesterday was perfectly beautiful and everyone at church was in a happy mode. After church everyone almost stayed awhile out in the shade just visiting. We were happy to have visitors and wish they would become regulars. They were Randall and Debbie Delp, Clint Prock and Kelly Jo Delp.

I believe Kent said Vickie Prock will be bringing the message next Sunday. Kent preached out of Job and brought an anointed message and my sister, Jean and niece, Jamie sang a special. Ruth’s girls read scripture and Danny taught in Rev.

Kent and Ruth came by Friday. Kent had been doing some work for Robert and Rebecca Moore down under the hill. The Moore’s live where Ray and Hester Tidwell lived. They have a young orchard growing and a solar system and are pretty much self sufficient. Ruth also visited with their parents and says she enjoyed their visit very much.

I visited via phone with my good friend Hester Tidwell. She was baking a pumpkin cake and I could almost smell how delicious it was when she took it out of the oven and described it to me. Hester is 92 years young and still cooks her own meals, has a good sized garden growing and drives herself to church and to town. If you’ve never eaten Hester’s cooking, you’ve missed some good eating.

Hester is expecting her step-daughter and husband up from Arkansas for the weekend. How very nice and considerate of her step-children to stay in touch after their father died. They are an exceptional bunch of people and Hester appreciates their calls and their visits.

She also appreciates the Moores and other neighbors for their friendship.

Hester and I talked of all the things we were thankful for and  number one was our kids, our friends, and our beautiful Ozarks and for God planting us in the best part of our country. We talked of all the states we had visited and how beautiful they all were, but how happy we were to get back to old Missouri.

And aren’t our woodlands pretty with all the different greenery with many dogwood dramatizing the picture?

I am so happy not to have my stove nor propane heater going. Kent told me to turn on my air conditioner to check it out before I need it. I dread the chill because I have waited all winter and longed for 90 degree warmth. I suppose I will turn it on and move onto the porch for awhile. That problem solved.

I read that my sister, Lorene, was in Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center for recoveryand therapy after hip surgery. I send love and am praying for a happy recuperation. Lorene is my sister by us adopting one another. Because Lorene is the only girl born into the Rippee family of many ( I think 9) boys, she asked if Jean, Jo and I would be her sisters. Of course we loved the idea. So now I have three sisters! I explain this again because I get questions.

Robyn took me to club Wednesday where we enjoyed lunch with all except Barb, who has not felt like coming. They got two quilts completed and out of the frames.  I, with Wanda’s help, had just got everything hemmed and now we have two more to do. But I need to contribute as often as possible. Our secret helper had been there and vaccuumed and cleaned. Everyone is thankful.

Charley came Friday bringing peanuts. He had also brought onion sets which I must set out today. Possibly while I check out my air conditioner system. It’s good to have things to do.

I started my craft project for our family reunion in September. I always remind everyone well in advance that Labor Day weekend on Saturday is when we always have the Degase reunion. We have one quilt ready for the frame and we have one special quilt for one of Pone and Elsie’s grandchildren, all first cousins, are eligible for the drawing and must be present to win. It does not cost to enter your name one time. Good luck to all! It is a genealogy quilt and beautiful is not the word for it because it represents so much more than beauty. Hope to see you all there. We have another quilt.

I visited by telephone with Jean and Jo and my kids. Karen did some shopping for me and came by. I am expecting Kasey and Terry today to mow the yard.

It is Monday morning and another beautiful day in the Ozarks.

Robyn and I have thoroughly cleaned the refrigerator. I say “Robyn and I’ but I just mostly tell her what to empty. In other words, I work my mouth. Robyn is my niece and cleans three days a week for me. I don’t know what I would do without her and I certainly appreciate the extra things she does for me. We are very compatible and that’s what is important. She never uses her phone when working for me. That is the way it should be and especially she never uses my charger. I have had several aides and she is closest to Vonda I’ve had. That’s says a lot because no one can ever compare to Vonda.

So I must say hello to Vonda and let her know she and her family are on my mind and in my daily prayers.

And hi to Betty and Lynda and Lorene and all my friends.

Until next week, be happy and be kind and stay in God’s will.

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