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Little Creek

This Monday morning is sunshiney and bright with a freshly washed landscape. We, here in Wasola, were protected from the severe weather to the west and north of us yesterday. I hear from my housekeeper that Ava was devastated, but have yet to hear anything on television.

Yesterday the Lord’s Day found us congregating at Clark Church for a day of studying and enjoying one another. We were happy to have Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jensen with Hannah and Josh with us. Carl showed slides with commentary of his trip to India. He brought us up to date on the lives of the Wesley family. Carl went with Pastor Mark on the first trip to India when Clark churches and Clark orphanage were established. We help support the Wesley ministry there. Mrs. Jensen and children and Carl wore and talked about native costumes. Then we had our fourth Sunday dinner together and I got home during a good heavy rain shower. We got a half inch of rain.

Kasey and Terry Ann visited me Sunday evening late. They brought me my first mess of poke greens.

Kent and Ruth returned Sunday evening from a trip on the truck to California. Ruth got her tea towels all embroidered. Someone commented that they wanted their husband to drive a truck so they could finish their cross stitch project.

Lorene Maloney’s daughter called me with the welcome news that Lorene’s hip surgery went well and they had her up walking a short ways the same day. Lorene was under a prayer shield and the Lord is good. We give Him the praise for the good prayers.

Jo’s daughter, my niece, Vickie visited with Jo Sunday and came to church with her.

Nicole spent the weekend with Karen and Greg. Karen and Nikki visited me Saturday and took me out for dinner.

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