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A beautiful day Friday. I imagine a lot of folks are at the lake. We sure need a rain. People are disgusted with the gardens this year. Weather plays the important role in gardening and farming. Farmers say there is no foilage this year so there goes the hay crop. If our world does not turn back to God we will see and face many things we don’t like. They said no hike on gas prices but with Memorial weekend and hay season approaching there is a 15 cents a gallon jump. Someone told a story that was not true, right?

Thursday evening James and I and Rex and Shirley decorated our family graves at Mt. Olive (Highlonesome). Some had decorated before us. Flowers are expensive and people enjoy doing other things.

Saturday morning we visited Sybil Harvill and daughter, Shirley Clark in Ozark. We met James’ sister, Chris Lakey and decorated graves of their sister, Shirley Goodwin and son, Bryan. We visited Janice (Morrison) Huff and sister, Phyllis Brumbley at the Old Boston Cemetery. Mom and Dad and grandparents are buried at Hall in Ongo and on down to Harvill Cemetery. We drove back up Buck Hollow and stopped at my folks and baby brother and brother-in-laws, at Mt. Olive (Highlonesome). We came home and I fixed dinner for Chris, James and me. We enjoyed the day. While at Old Boston we visited David and Betty Halcomb. She has several relatives buried there. We got a good rain Saturday evening and Monday.

Monday, James, Linda and Rex and Shirley went to Stillings and Highlonesome Cemeteries. The Stillings Cemetery sure looks nice. They have a nice fence around it. All cemeteries we visited looked nice and clean.

David Halcomb visited us Monday morning.

Sunday we had great services and two rededicated their lives. Melany Stevens sang a very good song. Songs, specials, music and sermon were all in the same harmony. Good results came from it too. Several were gone Sunday. We had visitors but I forgot to check the attendance board. Garrison plans the 3rd week in July for Bible School starting July 21st with program following on Sunday night.

Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson went to Harvill Cemetery Sunday and came back by Eric and Patty Nelson’s for dinner. They roasted a pig at Jolly Johnson’s Saturday night and ate dinner at the Nelson’s. I heard it was in honor of Ester Johnson’s graduation and I imagine for Jessie Nelson’s too. They graduated from Ava High School. Congrats to Cheyenne Lafferty who graduated as well. We received 6 graduation cards this year. Good luck young people. On the subject of graduation I left the First Baptist of Chadwick’s name out in helping give Bibles and etc to the Chadwick 8th graders and Senior classes.

See you next week if it’s the Lord’s will.

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