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Just maybe after blackberry winter or squall, whatever you want to call it, is over maybe we can garden some. The frost was on the light of the moon so maybe no damage done. Potato bugs are very busy along with other pest. You sure can’t grow gardens like you use to years ago.

Sunday 45 was present for church at Garrison. Always glad for visitors to come. Regular services next Sunday on memorial weekend. But Sunday night no services due to decorating graves and company people have during memorial weekend. Several churches dismiss and some don’t, but Garrison always did. Melany Stevens had a pretty song. We had good services Sunday night. Scott Newell sang a special and on Sunday night, June 1st Scott will bring the message at Garrison. Pastor James Orick brought the messages over the weekend.

During turkey season Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson enjoyed Loy and Helen Lakey visiting. They also fished.

Brandon and Chris Morrison and friend stopped by Monday. James visited them and Dillon and Gary Morrison.

We visited Gary Harmon and friend Monday. Get-well wishes sent to Mark Freeman.

Janie Morrison has a flu bug, anyways, she has been feeling bad. Get well soon.

Mother’s Day my sister, Sybil Harvill, enjoyed her grandson, Nathan of Oklahoma coming to see her. His wife and mother-in-law, were shopping so he drove down and seen grandma. She enjoyed her kids and grandkids and all the nice gifts.

I visited Sybil Thursday. Our brother, Rex Halcomb, visited her last week. He also visited James and me. He enjoys visiting Jerry Maggard.

Junior and Betty Halcomb enjoyed her sister, Carol, and husband. David and Glenda hosted a fish fry with all the good food that goes with it for Carol and Frank and his parents, Junior and Betty.

Connie Siler visited her Aunt Carol before going to the lake last week.

Time sure passes by fast. Sybil and I were talking and May 15 a year ago, she had to go to the hospital, a year ago May 15th this year, her husband has been gone 40 years.. I sure remember that day.

Last Sunday Sybil and grandson, Keith, visited his mom, Shirley and Steve Clark.

Saturday James and me visited Gary and Dillon Morrison. They seem to be doing okay. Dillon’s wife, Carol, is not very well. Remember her in your prayers. Carol is a nice lady. She is always friendly and nice when or wherever you meet her.

Richard Mitchell and his family needs your prayers.

Have a safe and fun weekend, but remember what it represents.

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