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My how time passes already, it was Mother’s Day and before you turn around it’s Christmas. I could not believe my mom passed away 21 years ago May 6th. I sure have missed her. I told James you miss your folks all the time, but Dad and his Dad, Clyde, would have been thrilled I killed a turkey. Most people are happy for you and some are jealous. That goes for anything you do.

Sunday at Garrison Church we had 54 present. Every lady got a gift and candy. Pastor James brought the message Sunday and Sunday night. We welcome you to Garrison to any or all services.

Keep up the good work Keith Moore on your Snoop column.

Congrats to all who are graduating.

Lisa Ellison stopped by with a hanging basket Sunday for me. Lisa was going to see her mom, Dorothy King.

Sunday night we had a very good service with people around the altar and good testimonies at Garrison.

Janie Morrison and sister-in-law, Jean Loomis, attended Janie’s great grandson, Kyle Sanders, high school graduation at Hammons Center Thursday night. He is a straight A+ student. He took online courses from OTC and will start Missouri State College next week.

On Mother’s Day Bo Morrison and Rhonda Stokes visited their mother, Janie Morrison. Phyllis Bloomer and granddaughter, Libby, visited her uncle and aunt, George and Janie, Sunday. Bo had an encounter with a snake. I believe it won as it swelled his arm and got a bad headache and as for the snake,  they didn’t see it, but he left his calling card.

Monday James and his cousin, Carroll Caudill, went fishing and did good. His wife, Shirley, wanted fish to go with their mushrooms. Carroll said they were good. Mushrooms here were sparingly. Shirley Halcomb gave us some her and Rex found so I cooked a few along to make them go farther. We hunted, but did not find many. Rex took our sister-in-law, Betty, several messes.

Everytime I think of a mess of something to eat, I think of a very good lady, Willene Adams. She asked in her column how much is a mess of lettuce or maybe water cress? To me it is just what you need for the meal. James loved to hear her sing. She truly was one of God’s faithful servants.

Juanita Powell and daughter, Lacy, are in the garden mood. Gary (Coon) Harris plowed and is fencing them a spot by Jerry Nelson’s barn. Good luck girls.

Saturday morning David Halcomb visited James and me and later Red and Shirley Halcomb visited. Shirley fixed me a new hanging basket. A wren had made a nest in the old one and the babies hatched. Now she has a new pad. David and Glenda visited Rex and Shirley Saturday morning. David and Glenda have enjoyed white bass fishing.

Recently we attended Riley Massey’s and Logan Grimes’ graduation. They showed a video of the kids through their life. That was something different and we visited Gordon and Zelda Jones and stopped by Tom and Fay Stevens. Zelda had a round with a flu bug.Gordon had cataract surgery and will do the other eye Monday.

Sue Guerin was feeling better Sunday. She recently spent two days in the hospital.

Remember what Memorial Day represents. Nothing wrong in having good clean fun and enjoying family and friends, but pause and remember.

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