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As the song says one little lost lamb here I am. I missed last aweek turkey hunting, mushroom hunting and catching fish has got in my way.

First day Monday morning I got a 21 lb. turkey with an 11 inch beard. I was a proud old woman. We went several places to show him. I hope we all can have a safe hunting season. Our hearts always go back to when the area lost a wonderful person in a turkey accident, Rev. Eddie Bray. Larry Mitchell said at church Sunday he took him on his first turkey hunt. Several talked of some very close calls while hunting in the past. It is a very dangerous sport.

Sunday we had a wonderful rain. The hail didn’t damage the garden, but that was observation with a quick peek through the fence.

Around a 100 gathered for Sunrise services on Easter Sunday. A bountiful breakfast was served. Brett Stevens has a picture of James preaching and as she raised his arms God called the cloud away and the sun shone. It was a nice morning for the services.

We got back in time to attend services at Eastern Gate. Pastor Donald Potter brought the message. It is always good to see everyone. The church will always have a special place in our hearts. We hope it will always be a light in the community. We have a lot of memories there.

I took my sister, Sybil Harvill some fried fish and sister-in-law, Betty Halcomb mushrooms. The past two years our mushroom season has not been worth a flip. Some have found lots but we found only a few. Shirley Halcomb’s luck has been like ours. She wanted Betty to have a mess of mushrooms so we had a few to give her. Shirley and James are good hunters, but our honey spots have been pretty sorry the past few years.

Thursday night James and me attended the visitation for Joe Herd Sr. at Adams Funeral Home in Ozark. His services were Friday with graveside services in Chadwick Cemetery. Donald visited us Wednesday evening and told us he passed away. My sympathy sent to the Herd family.

Poke salat is coming up. Some were talking about blackberries. I told Billy Herd at the visitation I will sign up on Social Security this year. I think it’s time to retire. He said now you can buy your own. But we checked some of the blackberries, looks like they will be several. If everything goes right we will probably be back in the patch. People said all the cold weather kills the bugs and germs. Wrong! The ticks are so bad and thick I think they pack each other. And always a germ floating around. Lots of bugs, waspers. Believe me, Boulders Fork is ticky and buggy and we had our share of cold nasty weather.

John and Connie Siler had a late Easter gathering. Those attending were Junior and Betty Halcomb, David Halcomb, Brad and Patty Siler and daughters, Brad and Amanda Evans and family, usually Bob Siler attends.

I saw Amanda Evans and Trish Hall’s picture in the paper. Amanda enjoys working for Thru The Grapevine. Trish and Amanda are cousins as they say, down the line.

Saturday before Easter James’ family had Easter dinner together at his sister, Kathy’s. Kids enjoyed four-wheeling, egg hunting, and guessing how many jelly beans in a quart jar. His sister, Chris’ grandson, Hunter Crossland, was first prize winner. All had a good time.

Sunday Pastor James brought a message on healing. Miss Cora Michael sang. Sunday night was baccalaureate at Chadwick for 8th graders and Seniors. Garrison, Baptist Temple, Union and Union Hill helped in it. They buy Bibles for 8th graders and Bible helps for the Seniors. Rev. Jon Mitchell from Oakwood was unable to attend due to illness. We hope and pray he is better.

No services Sunday night at Garrison in the evening. They will do trash pickup for MoDot and we will have a fish fry.

Our niece, Traci Thompson called Monday night to check on us about the storm. It is so heartbreaking to see people lose ther belongings. I am glad to hear the Herald office is running the paper this week. They were hit hard and damaged by the strong winds. Everyone always looks forward to the paper around here. We have to wait until Friday to get it due to being on the Oldfield route. I know several who work at the Herald and are good Christian people. God will see to their needs in time of trouble.

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