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Good morning from us here at Girdner. An extra day off of work for most, and a good day to worship the Lord. A day set aside to remember those who fought for our freedom. A day to remember those who have gone on before us, who has been such a blessing to us and molded our life in some way.

Sis. Maxine’s message this morning was from Colossians 1:9-12. Continuing with God is Enough!

One of the things she said at the beginning of her sermon made me do some thinking. Lost people, reject our Truth, (word of God, His salvation) because they don’t see much difference in us. This made me stop and think about my own actions. Do others see me as a child of God, do I show the marks of a Christian as she has been speaking on these last two weeks? Could I be more of a stumbling block than a witness to those I love? Something to pray about for all of us for sure. In last Sunday night’s message she had ask us to think of someone who had loaded our parachute, or helped us to get to where we are today in our walk with God. Thinking back about these people, I could say, they showed me something. Something I wanted to have in my life, or that I wanted to be like. I hope and pray that I can be half the person some of these great people have been to me and to share God’s love with someone else along the way as they have.

In Colossians as Sis. Maxine read, it tells us a great way we could pray for our loved ones and friends. I’d encourage each and everyone to read these scriptures. I certainly hadn’t seen this until, with the anointing of God, she brought it out. A prayer that they might be filled with His knowledge and spiritual understanding, that they may walk worthy, be strengthened, giving Thanks to the father. A good prayer for ourselves, as well. Don’t know about all of you, but I certainly need God to continue to work on me and guide me each day. As she read verse 10, she said we had to get in the book our self!! For us to get all the knowledge and understanding God has for each one of us, we have to study and read our self. We can’t just go on what we hear from someone else. God reveals to us as we study and read what he’d have us to have, so if we don’t do it our self, we are missing out on so many blessings.

Sunday night was such a good service. As Sis. Maxine asked us last week to be thinking on who had packed our parachute, so many people come to mind. For most ones at church, as well. There was so many who gave their testimonies, who they had visited with this last week, and thanked for helping them along the way. Some had loved ones or friends who had passed on, but were not forgotten for what they had meant to them and had got them this far in their walk with God, and appreciated them for that. It’s good sometimes to think about these things, and no better time than here on Memorial Day. I’d encourage you all to think of someone who has helped you in your walk with God, and if they are still alive, give them a call and thank them for just being a blessing to you. It certainly has been good for all of us to think back and take just a little time to thank someone special for being a blessing.

So in closing this week, remember to be a blessing to someone today, you never know what it may mean to them today or somewhere down the road in their life. And, Get in the book! God has something He wants to reveal to you.

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