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Girdner Church

The ladies here at Girdner were treated with a  ladies luncheon Saturday. I must say it was just great!  Wish all could have been there, it was very enjoyable. Sis. Jennifer Hausel, with help from Mom, Sis. Pam Potter fixed a wonderful lunch for us all, and had the room decorated very pretty. Sis. Mindy Pinckney had a message to share for us from Jude. Being a school teacher she also had a craft for us to make to go with the message and I have to say , it will help for me to remember the message. The four walls that help to build a women’s house, are faith, prayer, love and mercy. We had our four walls to build, adding these names to our walls, then she gave us a string , which represented God. God, who held it together, as He does in our lives. She had a verse to go with each word from God’s word, and brought it all together very well. A good time and good fellowship for all. We appreciate all who made this all possible for all of us.

Sis. Maxine’s message Sunday morning was from Colossians 1:1-10. She titled her message, Jesus Is Enough. He is Sufficient, He is enough, if we lose everything , as long as we have him in our life, He is enough. Sis. Maxine said we needed to have a cultivated appetite for the word of God. Sis. Maxine said as Christians, there were three marks that we should have, a strong faith in the Jesus Christ, A love for all, and a sure hope of heaven being our eternal home. She spoke of, as we eat out at restaurants, we sometimes had to get a take-home bag and she would like to give some take-home food, God’s word , for us to have to pull out through the week to feast upon. I for sure think she gave us plenty this Sunday to feast upon this week and weeks to come.

She said the object of our faith was not how much faith we had, but in whom our faith was in. If we make it God, he will see us through all things. Some people are easy to love, and others are more easy to love, but we should have a love for all as the Lord loves everyone. We need to have a sure hope and assurance  of a heaven for our eternal home.

Sunday evening Sis. Maxine’s message was Heb.10:22-24. Let us spur on each other. What is your reasons for going to church? Sis. Maxine said it probably wasn’t because of the preacher, but, that we needed each other. We need to hear the word of God, and we need to worship together, but we need each others prayers, and the fellowship with one another. The closeness we have as we get together. When we love each other more and more it gives us the assurance as trials and burdens of this life come our way that we have a brother or sister in Christ who is there for us in our time of need. Ones we know will be taking us before the Lord and asking for his touch in our life.

So in closing Sunday night she shared a story of a jet-fighter, Charles Plumb, who was shot down in combat and ejected from his plane using his parachute. He was held prisoner for 6 years. Later in years, when he had been released, he was having lunch in a restaurant and a gentlemen came over and asked him if he was Charles Plumb. He said, “Yes, but how do you know me?” The gentlemen told him, he was the sailor who had packed his parachute the day he was shot down. So Sis. Maxine asked us to think about who in our lives, could have packed our parachutes for us? Who helped us make it through a trial? Someone who has for sure got us through some trying times. Give them a call today and thank them. I have thought of so many today, just so many people who I am so thankful to for helping me along this way in life.. So if you have someone in your life, who has packed your parachute, give them a call this week with us. Let’s just see how many people we can bless this week with a special Thank You!

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