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Good morning from Girdner this morning. It has been a very busy week with lots of sadness and grief for some and special times for others.

We lost my sister-n-law this week, Lela Rowe. She will be missed by so many. She was a great Mom, Grandma and great-grandma. I got to visit with some of the children and grandchildren and they shared some stories with me I’d never heard. Please remember her family and friends she leaves behind in prayer, to face these lonesome times ahead when she is no longer there for them to share their stories with. I find at these times in life, I have found I miss their stories, and wisdom they gave to us so much.

Mckenzy Mitchell graduated Friday night from Victory Academy. I hear she gave just an awesome speech, not for one person, but several. McKenzy has always been just a real sweet girl and we wish her much happiness and wisdom from God to carry her through the rest of her life.

My grandson, Cory Burton, will be graduating this Friday from Ava High School. This granny may have to shout on this one! Cory has done very well, held a job down, had his own apartment, been on his own for about 2 years now and is still going to graduate! This granny is proud and happy. Please remember him when you pray, that God will give him wisdom for his journey into being the young man he should be.

Sunday evening we had our monthly singing. We had some special singing by Sis. Tilly, Bro. Ron and Sis. Judy Haskins, Sis. Kay and I and our own Girdner group, Bro. Gary, Bro. Paul, Bro. Leon, and Sis. Wilda. Bro. Leon and Wilda also sang. Then we had refreshments and just visited. But you know, the older I get, the more I like that visiting as we call it fellowship. It’s just a good time to visit with those you worship with.

Sunday morning Sis. Maxine continued with her message on forgiveness from Matt. 18:21. She gave us a little refreshing of last week on what forgiveness was not, one was it’s not easy. It is not easy to forgive. Through prayer it is possible to forgive though. Without forgiveness, it can hinder our relationship with our family and friends and more importantly, our Lord and Saviour! Confess was another thing Sis. Maxine said would help in forgiving someone. We need to first admit to ourselves, we could be part of the blame. We don’t always want to admit we may have played a roll in things when in fact, we may have. So we should confess we too may be at fault. We need to have empathy for that persom. We have never walked in their shoes, we don’t know what they are going through, what may have happened to them, so we should show some compassion on them and have some empathy for them. With all these things, adding prayer at the top, we just might find ourselves forgiving someone we thought we couldn’t. When we stand before our Lord someday, we don’t want there to be anything in our hearts that would keep us from  entering in. As I close today, I will leave you with what Sis. Maxine left us with.

Is there someone you need to forgive, or is there someone who needs your forgiveness?

Have you asked God to forgive you today?

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