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Girdner Church

We had two couples who had wedding anniversary’s this week, Bro Larry and Sis. Kay, and Bro. Paul and Sis. Pam. Happy Anniversary to both couples. The Lord has richly blessed them both with a great family and many, happy years and more to come.

Still have some in our church who aren’t feeling real good, and some in our community. Please continue to hold them up in prayer. Our Sis. Freeda was back with us Sunday, and we were so glad to have her back with us. We miss her great testimonies, and words of encouragement she always have to offer.

This Sunday night will be our singing. Come and lift your voice to the Lord in song or praise and join us with some refreshments and fellowship afterward.

Some of the church adults and a group of our children attended the Jonah presentation at the Sight and Sound in Branson Saturday. I believe all had a good time and enjoyed the show.

Sis. Maxine’s message Sunday morning was from Nehemiah 8, and All the people gathered together to hear the word of the Lord. They wanted to hear Ezra read the scripture and was willing to stand up to hear it, (vs. 7) from the morning till midday. (vs.3) We have it so much better today, we can come together in our nice church services with nice, comfortable seats. Would we be willing to stand from morning to midday to hear the scriptures read? I just had a good visit with a friend yesterday and she shared how services were for her when she was young, and the baptizing, how things had changed so much. She has seen a lot in her 90+ years and has very good stories to share.

Sunday evening Sis. Maxine’s message was from Matt.18: 21. She spoke on what forgiveness was not. You have heard it said, we buried the hatchet. When in fact we may do the opposite and keep a map of where we buried it and go dig it up once in awhile. That’s not true forgivness. In God’s word he says to forgive not just 7 times, but 7 times 7 times! You may never forget, but we must forgive. If any man have a quarrel against you; even as Christ forgave you, so also do you. (Col: 3:13) Not only does unforgivness cause problems in our families, it also hinders our relationship with our Lord. Sis. Maxine said she would be continuing on forgiveness next Sunday.

We would like to invite all who maybe don’t have a church home to come and worship with us here at Girdner. Wednesday night service starts at 7p.m., and Sunday night starts at 6 p.m.

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