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Last Weeks News – May 13th, good morning on this Tuesday morning, after a good rain. Is a little cooler guess it’s the “blackberry winter” although they are not fully bloomed yet.

We had nice church services Sunday at Prior. All the ladies got a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Tracy and Devin came Saturday evening bringing me petunias and other flowers and cards for Mother’s Day, which Tracy set out for me. David was working and Hannah had gone on a school trip. Then Sunday Patty came bringing lunch and more flowers.

Carol Wise, Chris Hartzell and Riley O’Shea had lunch with Ann Collins Sunday, Chris and Riley fixed lunch. Also Ted Collins and Betha Scherer visited her Sunday morning.

Sharon Driskell spent Mother’s Day with her daughter, Amy and family at Cabool. Sharon visited me Monday morning.

Janet Smith, Sirena and Jonah Melton, Cole and Isabell visited Agnes Williams Sunday.

Karen and Doug Fredrick and some friends went to Kansas City over the weekend to a car race.

Bertha and Dean Scherer visted me awhile yesterday. She brought me a coffee mug with Robert Redford’s picture on it for my birthday. Oh boy! I’ve got it made, drink my Paul Newman coffee out of a Robert Redford mug.

The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for acts of greed in the headlines.

– Charles Kuralt.

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