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Since I haven’t written for a few weeks some of my news maybe stale, but here goes anyway.

Chris Hartzell spent the night of April 15th with her grandma, Ann Collins, the 16th was Ann’s birthday, Carol Wise, Riley O’Shea, Chris Hartzell and Ann went to Rockbridge and ate lunch, then Ted Collins visited with her that evening.

Debbie and Shelby Hutchison of Moberly spent Easter weekend with me, Thursday, April 17th until Monday, April 21st. Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith visited us Saturday then on Easter Sunday Patty Stephens, Aaron Chambers, Tracy, David, Hannah and Devin Griffith, Ann Collins and Carol Wise joined us for dinner.

River Stillwood visited Easter Sunday with Bertha and Dean Scherer. Shelby Hutchison, Hannah and Devin Griffith visited them that evening.

Debbie and Shelby Hutchison visited awhile Sunday night with Wilburn and Louise Hutchison.

Our hearts were saddened by the wreck taking the life of Chris Boyd. Then his great grandma Una Uhlmann passed away, her funeral was Saturday. Ann Collins and I didn’t go to the funeral but we went to the cemetery and saw the family.

Then Russell Curtis passed away on Friday. His funeral will be tomorrow at Ava, burial at Souder.

Bill Emery spent last weekend in the hospital, remember him in your prayers.

So thankful for the good rain, but this Monday morning the television pictures of a lot of destruction, some deaths also. It is the time of year for storms.

Karen and Doug Fredrick had supper one night this week with Bertha and Dean Scherer.

Patty came on Thursday and took me back for a protime test, my blood is too thin.

Until next time, God bless and be a good neighbor.

Birthday greetings for the month of May go out to Leanne Boyd the 10th,  Dovie Dooms the 2nd, Casey Owens the 15th, Debbie Stone the 16th,  Kay Johnson on the 21st, Sirena Melton the 27th, Glenda Lee the 28th, Agnes Williams the 31st. Oh I almost forgot yours truly the 12th.

First Lady: “Come on, break down. Tell me how old you are.”

Second Lady: ” Can you keep a secret?”

First Lady: “Sure!”

Second Lady: “So can I!”

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