Gentry News

After starting our service with prayer and singing we studied in our Sunday school lesson how Jesus upheld the inspired scriptures as the final authority on how a person should think and behave and apply the Bible to our lives.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Harley Allen.

Also congratulations to Brenda Hampel on her graduation from Drury College Saturday and to little Rebecca Young who graduated from Head Start last Wednesday.

Our special song was by a group made up of Johnnie Miller, Narvil Tetrick, Haley and Jackson Beard, Rod and Joie Welker and Pastor Keith Lafferty.

Pastor Lafferty’s morning message was taken from Psalms, chapter 66. David was a man after God’s own heart when he ask for forgiveness. He prayed God would not turn away from his prayer or his mercy on him.

Visiting for the weekend with me was my brother, Wayne and wife, Pam Henderson, from Independence, MO. We spent all day Monday at Silver Dollar City.

In our evening service our special song was by Rod Welker, Wanda Casady, Ronnie and Sue Thomas.

The evening message was from Psalms chapter 9. David prayed with his whole heart. The Lord does not forsake those who seek him.