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Gentry Church

Opening our morning service with prayer and singing was Doug Miller.

In our Sunday school we studied about victory over temptation and when we are tested, we can overcome Satan with God’s word.

All of us ladies enjoyed our Mother’s Day luncheon at Ruby Gardens Saturday.

Anniversary wishes went out to Beverly and Narvil Tetrick.

Our special song was by the Gentry Singers.

Pastor Lafferty’s morning message was from Romans, chapter 16. Let us run the race with patience and not be ashamed of the word of God. Encourage others in the true gospel teaching of Jesus Christ.

In our evening service our special song was by a group of Joie Welker, Glenda Miller, Janice Young, Charlotte Reich and Narvil Tetrick. Also a reading by Narvil Tetrick.

The evening message was from Psalms chapter two. Be wise of what is going on and beware of people that cause division. Blessed are all that put their trust in the Lord and service the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling.

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