Last week – Hello to all my friends and neighbors. I hope all the mothers had a real memorable day.

I talked to Bernice this afternoon she was home alone too.

My goodness that was a really good surprise a couple  of weeks ago when Bernice’s grandson, Carl Wayne, brought her up to see me. She brought me a set of quilt blocks, so I’ve almost got them together and ready to be quilted.

I really don’t have any news to write about.

So sad we lost Lela, but she’s not sick anymore. I thought about her kids this morning so I said a quiet little prayer for them. I saw her at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and gave her a hug and told her that I loved her. She and Leona were going to come and spend the day with me sometime, but that didn’t get to happen.

Another Monday morning: Well I found these items I had started so I’ll just add a little to them.

I thought they said 80 degrees today. My old cold body had to have the heater on this morning.

Can you believe this weather? I can remember back when we’d get up real early and try to get all the garden worked before the sun got too hot. That surely isn’t the case now.

Well tomorrow my baby will be fifty years old. At thirteen he asked me to quit calling him my baby, but to just say he’s the youngest. I just had to do it one more time.

Ethan and Brett fished with the Bass Club Saturday night. They came in third place and Brett had first and second place big bass.

Well I’ll sign off for this time. I’ve got several little jobs started I’d like to get a few of them finished before it’s time to have supper ready for Ethan.

Remember to say your prayers and remember the leaders of our country also the boys and girls in the military.

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