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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It’s a rainy morning as I sit here and write this. The rain is so good for our garden. I do believe spring is my favorite time of the year when everything is so pretty and green.

Of course with all of the rain and spring time seems to come lots of extra chores around the house. Garden work, yards to mow, and spring cleaning in the house, I think most people will always choose the jobs that let them be outside in the nice fresh air.

I am a little behind as normal. Last weekend was our youth night and we did something a little different. We had poems in honor of Memorial Day, then we had a vase and took turns putting flowers in the vase in honor of someone we loved. The vase was full of beautiful flowers when we were done.

This week we dismissed on Sunday night so families could attend some of the services at different cemeteries. My brother came down Saturday and we went to Goodhope and decorated the family graves there. We always run into someone we know. We saw Bonita Stafford and visited with her a while. She has always been such a good family friend.

Sunday we went and decorated the Stillings Cemetery and saw Lee and Wilma Hampton and their son and talked with them a while.

It’s good to remember our loved ones, they taught us about life, love, and God. Are these the things your family will remember about you when they go to put flowers on your grave? Stop and think about what they will be saying about you when it comes their time to decorate your grave. God loves you and so do we. If you don’t have a church we welcome you.

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