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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope you Mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day. We had a great day at church. We gave out flowers to a few special ladies at church, we gave a flower to the youngest mother Brooke Nelson; the oldest mother, Gracie Williams; the mother with the most kids at church, Tracy Nelson. Then, I had something happen that has never happened before a three way tie. I asked for the mother with the most family in church with her and we had a three way tie: Linda Nelson, Jackie Nelson, and Wanda Hutchinson. Needless to say I was one flower short, but we are so proud of all the mother’s for having their families in church. There is no better mother than one who raises her children in church teaching them about the love of God.

I have to tell you the men in the adult Sunday School class tried to get themselves in trouble, because we are studying in Timothy the second chapter. Something about women keep silent, but Jackie quickly had a good explanation that kept Larry out of trouble.

My family came down Sunday afternoon and wished me Happy Mother’s Day, and brought me nice gifts. I have a good husband who was so thoughtful and let me help him do garden work on Mother’s Day. Isn’t he nice? Someone told me that was okay, just wait until Father’s Day.

We went down to Plainview last night. We had two grandsons graduating preschool. What an exciting night. The kids, parents and grandparents all enjoyed this special night in the lives of their children.

I guess I better close and get to work now. Remember how precious these little ones are to Jesus. Whether you are a mother, father, grandparent, or a friend, they look up to you. You can be the one person that leads them to know how much our Lord and Saviour loves them.

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