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A nice surprise arrived in the mail Friday, a Mother’s Day card from Tony Williams.  Many in the Dogwood area may remember Tony from back in 1979.  Tony and his friend, Pierre Turcotte moved here from California and purchased the farm that now belongs to Randy Boeddeker.  Tony played piano and organ and sang at many of the area churches.  Pierre passed away in Quebec several years ago with his family around him.  Tony re-located to Louisiana, his home state.  Son, Ron and I visited there a few years ago and Tony, super chef and host that he is, prepared a wonderful meal for us.  Tony worked for many years down there in finance for one of the large Catholic Churches in Metairie.  He also played the organ and led the singing for them.  He is now retired and now plays the organ and leads singing in a smaller church near his home.  We attended a service there.

We received just over 2 inches from the big rain, every drop appreciated and thanks given.  Family contacted me from North Dakota to see if the family here was OK as they heard the storms were really bad at Hwy. 14 and K.  I did a bit of mowing last Thursday afternoon and put out some grass seed.  Hopefully there will be more rain so the seeds can root and grow.

Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money?  What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their
money, but the second didn’t.

My sons took some of us out for supper Saturday night (a Mother’s Day treat and Rory’s birthday). Food was excellent and the service good in an unpretentious clean environment.  I had a half order of pork roast and it was great, plenty to eat, and the blackberry cobbler with ice cream were just right to top off the meal.  On Sunday, son Ryan called from Texas to wish me a wonderful day.

There are multiples of political comments I could make but I do think most in this area are of the same thoughts so won’t bore you.  I hope all of you treated your mothers with love and reverence on their special day and do think back to all your mothers did for you over the years, fathers also.

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