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Dogwood Ramblings

One of my dear family members came and put down my last American Eskimo dog, Stinker.  Poor 16 year old Stinker had a problem with her hind legs, was blind and deaf.  When I arrived home from the office, she had been buried in my pet cemetery.  A blessing for her, such sadness for me!  Now I am putting the other pets on a diet, no more access to a free feeder for them.  I need to stay away from “free feeders” also!

Bob Wagner mowed my ditches again so now I need to get out there and mow.  It seems the weeds survive everything.  The grass is growing now as are the pastures, thankfully.  We received just a “smidgen” over a half inch of rain on Thursday.  The storm radio went off a couple of times.  Then on Sunday afternoon and night the storm radio went off often.  We received 2 ½” of rain and the wind shredded the canvas top on the canopy so it is now hanging by a thread.  Some of the rain came down like it was poured out of buckets.  It is now Monday morning and it seems I won’t be mowing for a couple of days as it is rather muddy in the yard.

I haven’t heard much about the storm damage in Ava, but snippets about it were on the morning news and they seldom acknowledge the existence of Ava.  I called to let my granddaughter know school was cancelled for Monday, but she already knew.  Ron and Reanna had arrived home from a trip to New York State very early on Monday.  While there they visited with daughter/sister Rachelle who has been living there since getting out of the Navy CBs.  Apparently it was a teary farewell for the girls.

One of our neighbors has family near Little Rock so I checked with them Monday morning and they said their family members are all OK.  Hopefully you didn’t receive damage from the storms and you are all doing well.

I guess you have paid your taxes by now.  Good thing too as the leaders of this nation need your support (money) to travel all over the world, frequently, spending millions, while job hunters lament.

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