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Church of the Living God

April to me, came and went rapidly. The weather was unsettled, but the temps were warmer and that was enjoyed very much.

There were many prayer requests and God hears them all and handles according to his will.

Bro. Gary’s morning message, “There is a storm,” not only physical, but a spiritual one. Phil 4:7 tells us “and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus.”

John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Third Sunday night is usually singing, but God moved in a different direction. We had popcorn preaching.

Bro. Burrell Conrad preached on sin and what the end results will be. Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death (the reward), but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” There is a vast difference between the two, wouldn’t you say?

Bro. Joe Hickey was the second to deliver his word from God.

Bro. Joe preached on one of my favorite Bible verses, The woman at the well.”

Bro. Joe said much about this passage, but what I really like is the woman came to the well with a need. She left with eternal life. This is also true today. Come see a man.

Pastor Gary Moore can be reached at 543-3785 or contact his wife, Bevy 683-8106.

We are located at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

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