Breedon News

Oh what a beautiful morning, maybe spring is here finally. Although I hear some folks talk about blackberry winter. Maybe that won’t be so bad, but I know God is sufficient to meet our needs even though we may have to endure trials and discomforts from time to time.

Our Sunday school opened with the reading of Psalms 67. The opening prayer was offered up by Sister Sue Thomas. Our lesson is from Hebrews, chapter 11. The hall of faith shows us examples of many persons keeping faith in the promise god gave us of the coming of our Savior. Various names and their show of faith is recorded here in this chapter. I love to read this to re-enforce that God is true to His word and promise. When times get rough or I feel trodden down, I remember this chapter. I haven’t physically seen Jesus, but I know some day I will. When these eyes close in death, I know I will not only get to see Jesus face to face, but also the prophets of old. Abraham and Sarah, Moses, the apostles and my loved ones that have gone on before me. All of the people written about in Hebrews chapter 11 died without seeing the promise unfold in full. By their faith they have seen it now and I look forward to joining them when God is finished with me here. I am so unworthy, but thank and praise be to God, a way was made for me that I too can live with my Savior eternally. Thank you so much Jesus. I can’t help but wonder what conversations I will get to hear and partake of with prophets of old, as well as, the disciples. One day I will.

Our service went into congregational singing where we sang some songs we hadn’t sang in quite some time. It is always good to keep our mind’s sharp by remembering songs of old. I’m so thankful for Sue Thomas. She reads the music so well it makes it so much easier to follow our parts. David Williams, Wilma Hampton and Susie Sisco sang followed by a song my deceased husband, Randy Sisco, sang. He too was a minister of the gospel and he is waiting with those who continued on with faith to follow our promise of our Savior Christ Jesus. Our youth class blessed us with three specials. I appreciate their teacher, Michelle Lee, for her teaching. She does a real good job and when those little ones come in, they can’t wait to go to class.

Brother “Cub” (Joe Lafferty) took today’s sermon from St. Mark the fourth chapter – “The Parable of the Sower.” Jesus taught this parable to compare reading and hearing the word of God. Some disregarded it and no favor was found in them. Some heard it but no root was there so it withered away. Some heard it and the cares of life choked out the desire to receive it. But some heard and the word of God took root and fruit of a child saved by grace was found in them. Jesus also taught by comparing planting a small mustard seed. Even though it was smaller than all the others seeds planted, it grew to be greater than any of all the herbs. So Christians take heed that although you feel like your job and testimony is not worth much, yu have no idea how much impact you can have on a soul who has not yet received Jesus as their Savior. This chapter ends with Jesus retiring to the ship after the multitude left. He goes to the back to nap and a storm came up. The disciples woke Him up and ask Him, “Do you not care that we perish?” He rose up and said, “Peace be still.” Immediately the sea calmed. He asked them how was it they had no faith. Those with Him feared Him exceedingly and said one to another, “What manner of man is this that even the wind and the sea obey Him.”

This prompts me to always rely on Jesus because if the disciples were there with Him physically, where does that leave us during the storm of life? I lean on you Lord and encourage all to do the same. It sure makes this life more tolerable.

Don’t forget our monthly singing is Friday night, May 9th. Please come and bring songs and food for fellowship. Hope to see you there. God bless you reall good this week.