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Sunday, April 27, 2014. Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the 54th Psalms. Prayer was led by Wilma Hampton.

Our attendance was low because of stormy weather and turkey hunters. At 11 o’clock several came in for preaching services. Michele Lee went out of town for her job. Danny and Sammy didn’t come. Susie’s daughter, Brandy, was sick so she couldn’t be there. We prayed for all the ones that couldn’t attend.

Lee Hampton took up the morning offering. We had congregational singing. Everyone has allergies, me real bad.

Joe Lafferty and daughter, Judy Willis sang a song.

At the 11 o’clock hour Joe Lafferty’s text was The Withered Hand found in Mark chapter 3. ” Jesus said stretch forth thine hand, and he stretched forth his hand and his hand was restored, whole as the other.”

The invitation was given. The congregation sang. Joe  Lafferty’s grandson, Michael Willis, dismissed us in prayer.

We omitted evening services because of the Fourth Sunday Singing at Gentry. We had a good singing. The crowd was less than expected, but more came later.

Lots of sickness and allergies. Maybe the Fourth Sunday in June will be better, not so many allegies.

Well, we all need to get rid of allergies and colds.

God bless.

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